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BURGWÄCHTER - SecuENTRY pro 5713 sE-Key SB

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The active transponder opens all door cylinders in the secuEntry range from BURG-WÄCHTER.... more
Product information "BURGWÄCHTER - SecuENTRY pro 5713 sE-Key SB"

The active transponder opens all door cylinders in the secuEntry range from BURG-WÄCHTER. secuENTRY 5713 sE-Key is a practical alternative to entering a pin code or swiping a fingerprint. Due to the large storage capacity of the cylinders, up to 2000 transponders (or other opening media) can be stored.

The sE-Key opens doors by radio transmission with an operating distance up to 4 meters using Bluetooth Low Energy. The sE-Key offers up to 10,000 openings before the included battery (CR2430) required replacement.

The secuENTRY 5713 sE key can be programmed into the PC software via QR code. This makes it easy to program access rights and the validity of the E-key.

The secuENTRY 5713 sE-Key at a glance:

  •     Distance between transponder and door lock up to 4 meters
  •     Battery included
  •     Battery capacity: up to 10,000 openings
  •     Use via PC software possible (Windows)
  •     QR code for programming the sE key
  •     Programming via software or keypad

The secuENTRY 5713 sE-Key is compatible with:

  •     secuENTRY pro 7000 Cylinder
  •     secuENTRY pro 7030 Half Cylinder
  •     secuENTRY pro 7071 Relay
  •     secuENTRY pro 7100 Cylinder
  •     secuENTRY pro 7116 Duo Cylinder
  •     secuEntry 5700 Basic
  •     secuEntry 5701 Pincode
  •     secuEntry 5702 Fingerprint
  •     secuEntry 5705 Half
  •     secuEntry easy 5601 Pincode
  •     secuEntry easy 5602 Fingerprint