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KLT 2 - Capacitive sensor solution opens new possibilities for gate protection

More safety – less complexity: Detecting objects without contact in advance of the door leaf

With KLT-2 Sensotek presents an interesting product study to hedge all kind of gates. The innovative non-contact solution based on the principle of capacitive effect holds enormous potential for making safety-relevant functions according to SIL 2 easier, safer and mor cost-effective in the future.

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Sensotek at the BAU trade fair 2019
Visit us in hall B3, booth 121

The exibition Bau 2019 in Munich is seen as that industry event of the year. It is unique and once again offers innovations, new products and processes for sectors and companies in which non-contact sensor technology is used and implemented.

Meet us at BAU 2019 from 14. - 19. January 2019 and learn more about the latest products and solutions for your applications.

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Sensotek at the R+T trade fair 2018
Visit us in hall 8, stand D02

The R+T 2018 is considered the event of the year in the industry and it offers once again innovation, new products and techniques for industries and companies where contact-free sensors are used and applied.

From the 27.02 until the 3.03.2018 we show you our innovative application solutions for the door and building automation field as well as for the public urban transport field.

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Behind the comfort of doors and gates that automatically open or close is usually a radar sensor as opening pulse generator. They record the movement within the preset acquisition field and do this independently of all weather and environmental conditions. Radar-based sensors are therefore perfect as transducers for controlling automatic doors and gates, also in outdoor areas and in industrial surroundings.

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Anti-tailgating sensor from Sensotek – Visit us at the Bau exhibition!

We would like to present you the new innovative anti-tailgating sensor of the TOF-VS500 product familiy for Anti-tailgating. The device detects people by contour and movement and ensures that only justified people get an access to the building.

Based on the deposited algorithm independent of your height and stature you can pass the system successfully. If this person carrys for example a suitcase or bag the access will be denied.

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RAVE – Rugged Radar Motion Sensor with Degree of Protection IP67

In the field of doors, gates, and elevators, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance sensors. In addition to product families „RaDec“ and „RMS“, the new RAVE radar motion sensor expands the radar sensor portfolio with an extremely robust variant. With IP67 degree of protection, the new motion sensor acts as an ideal door opener for demanding automation tasks in harsh environmental conditions. Rely on this powerful sensor technology for greater safety in your application.

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Impressions from MosBuild 2016 in Moscow

For the 22nd time in April, innumerable visitors from all over the whole world streamed to the MosBuild Trade Fair in Moscow.

With more than 63,000 visitors, the MosBuild offered a grand platform for topics concerning building automation and building materials.

The experts from Sensotek presented the technology portfolio of Pepperl+Fuchs/Sensotek and demonstrated innovative application solutions for door and building automation as well as public suburban traffic to an interested public.

We could show numerous visitors the extensive product range of capacitive switches, hygienic switches, dynamic and static radar sensors, passive infrared sensors, counting sensors, separator sensors, optical sensors such as retroreflective sensors, thru-beam sensors, light buttons and laser light curtains, security light gates, measuring light gates, laser scanners, TOF sensors, scanning light curtains, ultrasound sensors, inductive proximity switches, RFID systems, rotary encoders, vision sensors, tactile strip sensors and induction loops. Totally according to the slogan: Everything from one source!

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Gate photoelectric switch in robust housing for door applications with a variety of extras

Optimised for securing gateways at indoor and outdoor areas

Non-Contact Safety can be found in numerous indoor, transitional and outdoor areas. Here, operation under extreme environmental conditions is sometimes required that puts an increased demand on the device. Furthermore, if the safeguarding variant of choice still shine with extras for easy start-up and maintenance, there is nothing to prevent use on a broad front.

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Capacitative sensor to open automatic doors

Connection to every building control system with dual push-pull outlet

Automatic doors do not necessarily work completely independently because in countless situations, it seems like a good idea to open the door only upon explicit request. For the manual initiation of such opening processes, the capacitative sensor functioning principle has proven to be a simple, convenient and elegant method. This means that the switch impulse can be triggered by the human body which primarily consists of water, even by merely approaching without any expenditure of effort and pressure, even through gloves. Not least children and persons with impaired mobility benefit from this:

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