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SE 25.45 TT End edge

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Length between 10 and 1500 cm.
  • 114-0104
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Pre-made Contact Edge SENTIR edge 23.45 TT in the version end edge incl. C-base aluminium... more
Product information "SE 25.45 TT End edge"

Pre-made Contact Edge SENTIR edge 23.45 TT in the version end edge incl. C-base aluminium mounting profile Al 25-14 (without profile on request)

The SENTIR edge safety contact edges are pressure-sensitive sensors applied to ensure the safety of closing edges at potential crushing or shearing points which are prone to accidents. They may be installed in the case of automatic gates, machines and other facilities for handling equipment or moving stage elements in order to protect individuals from bodily harm or machinery from damage.

End edge: End edge with connection cable length in the range of 0.3 ... 15 m and internal resistor, diode or switch  incl. aluminium mounting profile AL 25-14. (without profile on request)

Length: Please feel free to order the length in the range of 100 mm to 15 m.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: W 25 mm x H 45
  • Electrical capacity: 24 V, 10 mA
  • Temperatur range: -25 °C...+55 °C
  • Profile: TPE black, Material hardness 68 Shore A
  • C-profile: Alu-C-profile AL 25-14 (without profile on request)
  • Actuating force: 44,5 N
  • Actuation distance: 4,5 mm
  • Overtravel distance to 400 N: 23,5 mm

Tested according DIN EN 1760-2:2001 / Actuating Point 1 / 10 mm/s / 20°


SE 25.45 TT Serial edge SE 25.45 TT Serial edge
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