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secuENTRY 7783 Software pro

secuENTRY 7783 Software pro
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Software unil 2,000 users and 1,000 doors If you have several electronic locking cylinders... more
Product information "secuENTRY 7783 Software pro"

Software unil 2,000 users and 1,000 doors

If you have several electronic locking cylinders in use or if doors are used by many different people, you can always keep an overview with the secuENTRY 7783 software pro. After all, you want to specify and control who is allowed to open which door and when. Because that's exactly what our new programme makes possible!

The secuENTRY 7783 software pro is specially designed for companies and authorities. It can manage up to 2000 users and up to 1000 doors per client (database) or up to 500 doors in hotel mode. To create the access code with time-limited access rights and automatic deletion, use our hotel software.

After installing the secuENTRY 7783 software pro on the PC, the corresponding user authorisations for each secuENTRY pro door cylinder and the secuENTRY relay are assigned conveniently and clearly. And this for opening and closing the doors by code, finger scan and transponder. For a better overview, groups can be formed for specific users (up to 50 groups). Furthermore, rights can be granted for certain times or a permanent opening can be created. The data is password-protected, an import and export function is of course available as well as a backup function. This means that important data is always preserved.

Tip: If a company or authority has to record many passive transponders and finger scans, using the mobile secuENTRY Enrolment saves a lot of time. This is because the device directly stores the data and then conveniently transfers it to the secuENTRY software. Another advantage of the secuENTRY 7783 software pro: A network connection is not necessary! This is because the data created is conveniently transferred to the selected door locks via Bluetooth adapter (included in the scope of delivery). A permanent wireless connection is not necessary.

It is also possible to transfer data via smartphone using the secuENTRY Key app. Both methods of data transmission use a secure Bluetooth connection. In addition, the secuENTRY 7783 software pro informs you when new data is available for a door cylinder and it needs to be programmed. It is also possible to track the openings of the respective doors via the history function.

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