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secuENTRY easy 7600 CYL

secuENTRY easy 7600 CYL
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Electronic cylinder Individually adjustable latching system, opening by fingerprint, code,... more
Product information "secuENTRY easy 7600 CYL"

Electronic cylinder

Individually adjustable latching system, opening by fingerprint, code, smartphone or active transponder, plus a mechanical emergency lock. The electronic door cylinder secuENTRY easy 7600 combines state-of-the-art technology with maximum convenience. The cylinder can be mounted on all common doors with a thickness between 60 and 118 mm.

The installation of the secuENTRY easy 7600 is very simple. First loosen the forend screw of the door and remove the old, mechanical door cylinder. Then insert the secuENTRY door cylinder and select the correct distance to the fitting using the latching system on both sides of the door. Then just fix the two knobs and the secuENTRY 7600 is installed.Open the secuENTRY easy 7600 door cylinder with the free Key App.Now you no longer have to rely on your front door key. Instead, you have the freedom to choose how you want to open the door in future. By fingerprint and/or code via the corresponding keypad, with an active transponder or even by smartphone thanks to the Key App (for iOS and Android), which is free of charge for one cylinder.

Furthermore, the secuENTRY easy 7600 model offers a mechanical emergency lock. This means that in the unlikely event of an emergency, the user can also open the lock securely in this way. Two corresponding emergency keys are of course supplied.In addition, many other features can be programmed and managed via the optional software for the TSE and secuENTRY products from BURG-WÄCHTER. For example, rights assignment, user and group administration as well as a time, calendar and visitor transponder function. This means that each user can decide for themselves which person is allowed to open the electronic door lock on which days and at what time. The software can also be used to read out the locking history (up to 2000 events) of the secuENTRY easy 7600.

Pin code (up to 2000 users)Fingerprint (up to 300 users, including 45 premium fingers)Active transponder (up to 2000 users)Smart devices (up to 2000 users)secuENTRY Bridge enables remote opening

secuENTRY easy 7601 PIN SET secuENTRY easy 7601 PIN SET
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